Larissa Riquelme’s naked body gets the 3-D treatment

First Avatar… now this

Larissa Riquelme

Fast forward in your mind’s eye to the next World Cup and what do you see? Silly new match balls? Droning horns? Stadiums full of girls with mobile phones placed between their knockers hoping to make a fortune?

It worked for Larissa Riquelme, who [...]

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A short video about a very tiny streaker

Small body, massive beard

As sponsored by Freeview HD, above is a one minute documentary about a person who likes to get completely naked and run around surrounded by footballers. Were this Faces nightclub in Essex, it would be a tanned young glamour girl. As it is, it’s a tiny little streaker with a [...]

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Terrifying News

Oh no, Maradona’s talking about taking his clothes off

Imagine this man, but totally naked

Diego Maradona

Nine times out of ten, if someone tells you that they will do something humiliating if their team wins, you can be pretty sure that when it comes to the crunch, they just won’t do it. They will make a sudden [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 365: Melina Nicolas

The latest victim of Boca Juniors’ resident ladykiller

Former Villarreal and current Boca Juniors star Juan Román Riquelme hit headlines around the time of World Cup 2006 when he started boffing Sports Illustrated model Yésica Toscanini – a great conquest for an international footballer, but not quite so [...]

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WAG Watch

Nereida Gallardo poses naked, says Madrid will “tremble” when Ronaldo arrives

C-Ron’s clothes-hating ex speaks in new magazine interview

Thanks to the Spanish demand for a magazine which covers political and economic news and publishes near-pornographic images of famous women, Interviú exists. On the cover of this month’s edition is Nereida Gallardo, the lady who nearly melted the entire internet last summer when she romanced Cristiano [...]

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Somethin' For The Ladies

Ever wondered what Carlton Cole looks like naked?

Us neither, but here it is anyway

Carlton Cole

In order to simultaneously raise awareness of cancer and his own hunky physique, West Ham star Carlton Cole has posed nude for the Cosmopolitan’s annual Naked Centrefold special. (Can you believe it’s that time of year again? RAWR!)

If [...]

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