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Mourinho eyes a return, Liverpool’s new target…

Jose – loves it here, apparently

Jose Mourinho

Whilst the lion’s share of the nation nurses a serious wine and cheese hangover, the men who like to write about sport have been busily assembling news stories in between hurried mouthfuls of disgustingly cold sprouts.

According to the depressed journalists [...]

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News in brief

No room at the inn for the Irish FA, and transfer news…

Plus, some back-patting for this little chap… presumably

Lionel Messi 

Like a spotty teenage asthmatic wearing his dad’s suit, standing outside a nightclub in the rain, literally begging the bouncers to let him in even though he has no proof of identification, the Irish FA have apparently been pleading with Sepp [...]

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Nani Mark Two

What next for Mr Babel?

Oh, great timing Ryan – just brilliant!

Ryan Babel

Taking the lead from another grumbling winger, Ryan Babel has taken it upon himself to ignite the flames of managerial wrath by speaking out about his terrible footballing woes (featured in today’s Sun), published on the day of Liverpool’s must-win game aginst Debrecen.

In [...]

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Nani: Fergie is screwing up my Manchester United career

NotRonaldo talks his way out of Old Trafford…


Ruud van Nistelrooy, Jaap Stam and Roy Keane all have the same two things in common. All three were indispensable Man Utd players who were very much dispensed of the moment they crossed Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Spoiler can only assume [...]

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Last night's action

The pick of Wednesday’s World Cup qualifiers

Goals you might not have seen yet

Japan absolutely malleted Togo last night, beating the 2006 World Cup finalists 5-0. Their second of the match was scored by Shinji Okazaka, one of the rising stars of Japanese football, with a cute back-heel.

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Secret Supporter

Cristiano Ronaldo is still a fan of Manchester Utd

Real Madrid star still looks out for previous employer

Cristiano Ronaldo

Despite creating the impression that he couldn’t wait to get away from smelly rainy Manchester, Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted that he stilllooks out for the results of his old team now he is based in equally-smelly-but-less-rainy Madrid. The [...]

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