The Big Question

Team Nasri or Team Gallas?

OMG! No handshake shocker!

Gallas and Nasri 

As is now the tradition, when two people in the public eye have a big falling out, it’s up to the public to roll their sleeves up and chuck in their two pence worth. We all did it with Jordan and [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: France

A few of these, plus Ribery


The World Cup profiles continue, and today The Spoiler is looking at the French. Only a small strip of water separates the nations, and yet, culturally, they seem to be gazillions of miles away. Who ARE these people? Read on to find out… 


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Video Highlights

Arsenal surgically remove Porto from Europe

Arsenal 5-0 Porto

If anything, Nicklas Bendtner further proved his inconsistency last night, by being consistent in front of goal. Expect to see him clumsily hoofing a [...]

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Daily Democracy

Poll: Is Spurs’ bench better than Arsenal’s?

Like it really matters

Bring on Clive Allen

Robbie Keane knows a thing or two about the bench, having of course parked himself on one at Liverpool for six months. So when he talks about them, thespoiler listens.

Having realised trying to claim Spurs have [...]

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