Henry's Flat

Thierry Henry moves into Heath Ledger’s old manor

… and this is it

Thierry Henry

After months of presumably crashing on friend’s sofas and living an Alan Partridge like existence in travel lodges, the good news is that Thierry Henry has finally splashed out on a snazzy New York flat.

The bad news is that Heath Ledger [...]

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Semi Retirement

Thierry Henry goes for a lovely stroll in New York

Oh God! They’re in New York!

Thierry Henry 

Everyone knows what retirement looks like – bewildered old men clumsily digging up roses to avoid awkward conversations with their wives/grandchildren, endless pots of unnecessary tea. But who wants to know what semi-retirement looks like?

Okay, so that’s absolutely everyone.

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Classy Gentlemen

Some lovely pictures of Man United in New York

Oh God! That’s Ryan Giggs! In New York!

United in New York 

For anyone new to the site, here’s the deal: earlier in the week, in a moment of mindlessly flicking through a discarded copy of OK! magazine, The Spoiler became unwittingly inspired.

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 361: Marie Steiss-de Villepin

A French model, actress and all-round classy lady

As the ladies at Kickette will testify, Bordeaux’s Yoann Gourcuff is a much sought-after target for potential WAGs. The midfielder appears to be off the market for the time being though, as he was spotted enjoying a fancy dinner [...]

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Mr Underpants eats

More stress for Ljungberg

Will the strolls and lunches never cease?

Freddie Ljungberg

At a sprightly 31-years-old, it looks like Freddie Ljungberg – until a few days ago presumed missing (by The Spoiler) – might have hung up his boots for good. The big question is whether the goal-scoring underpants model [...]

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