Calling Arsenal, Newcastle, anyone – don’t let Berbatov leave

Can you imagine a Berba-free Premier League? If so, shame on you!


While Sir Alex Ferguson always seems slightly sceptical no matter how many goals his record signing scores, most Manchester United fans appear to love them some Dimitar Berbatov. And what’s not to love?

Having been treated to the likes of Eric Cantona and Cristiano Ronaldo, they are perhaps the one set of British supporters trained [...]

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Twitter tantrum

Uh Oh… Alan Smith’s Twitter account hijacked by his ex



You remember Alan Smith? Went from Leeds to Man Utd? Dyed blonde hair? Anger issues? Basically the Yorkshire Eminem? Yea, that’s the one.

Well, it looks as though he might look to emulate Marshall Bruce Mathers III a little further and begin writing [...]

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Bloody hell

Joey Barton’s rehabilitation takes a huge step backwards

Oh no…


Joey Barton has been talking again. Yesterday it was an amusing, straight talking bit of nonsense about how he’s brilliant and every other English midfielder was rubbish.

Today, things took a turn to the dark side when he was asked questions by French footy mag So Foot [...]

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gobshite news

Some more words of wisdom from Stephen Ireland

Thanks to Spoiler reader, Phil…


It’s been a golden week at Spoiler HQ – there’s been so much going on! Shootings! Failed drugs tests! Calamitous goalkeeping! Fergie rants! A team member bringing in Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

Unfortunately, some of the stories have been so perfect in every way that [...]

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Transfer stuff

The Spoiler’s Great January transfer review – Amendment

It may not be January anymore, but what the hell, we’ve never let abstract concepts like ‘time’ get in the way of our boundary-pushing life…

Worst Buy – Andy Carroll Shefki Kuqi

Like a man who’s had the girl he’s been chatting up all night stolen off him at 1.55am by that [...]

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