The best and worst of Newcastle fans’ anti-Ashley protest signs

Well… at least it gets straight to the point


Prior to their match against Liverpool on Saturday, angry Newcastle fans prepared to keep themselves entertained for the 90 minute mauling ahead (which never came, thanks to another limp-dicked performance from the Reds) by bringing a range of angry [...]

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Newcastle give Chris Hughton the boot

Gotten rid of


This statement from Newcastle just over a month ago:

“Chris is our manager and will remain our manager and it is our intention to renegotiate his contract at the end of the year.”

And now this:

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Newcastle 0-4 Arsenal

Own goal of the season? Probably.

For a reason that appears to have passed The Spoiler by, this result, which put Arsenal through the the quarter-finals of the [...]

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Newcastle put Steven Taylor on the transfer list

For Sale sign hung around defender’s neck


Sky Sports News’ BREAKING NEWS ticker is, for once, displaying something of note. The infamous ‘Sky sources’ understand Newcastle United defender Steven Taylor has been transfer listed by manager Chris Hughton.

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Hairy Faces

Joey Barton grows a moustache as a good will gesture

Story depicted using Photoshop skills

Barton Moustache

If you break it down into simple terms, footballers are just extremely wealthy competitive men trying to be the best at everything. It must get pretty intense.

So thank Christ for reformed violent criminals like Joey Barton

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Lard Arses

Sol Campbell, and a team of “big boned” footballers

One of the “unflattering” pictures

Sol Campbell

In a stunning homage to the 17th century idiom about pots and kettles, the chubby men of Newcastle thought that they’d label Sol Campbell “fat belly” for a joke.

Only now, as is generally the way with sensitive Sol, it’s been taken in absolutely the wrong [...]

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