Football Fury

Hmm, what did Le Saux say about Paul Ince’s bed partner?

Le Saux and Incey – not friends

Graeme Le Saux and Paul Ince

Readers of Sunday newspapers tend to be divided into flocks. You’ve got your Sunday Times types, with their warmed up croissants, and coffee poured from one of those pushy-downy things. Then The [...]

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WAG of the Day

No. 11: Sophie Bovington-Kerr

She sounds posh, but her public steamrollering habits say otherwise

The night before England’s crucial qualifying match with Croatia at Wembley, the England squad stayed at the Grove Hotel in Watford, whose decor is more akin to a knocking shop than a top-class hotel. The same day, a group of [...]

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WAG of the Day

No. 7: Charlotte Meares

Ex-WAG gets over Jermain Defoe the best way she knows how

In case you don’t know the wretched story, Jermain Defoe was happily dating model Charlotte Meares, and they had planned a lavish wedding, which included a ‘five foot ice sculpture of their interlocked initials’. This classy affair, however, was put to [...]

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WAG Watch

Abbey Clancy puts hygiene first

Peter Crouch’s WAG combines bathing and socialising


When a gaggle of gorgeous models tour the West End’s trendiest bars in a night of celebration, where are they most likely to end up for the after party? Chinawhite’s? Unconscious on Dean Gaffney’s kitchen floor? Nope, the correct answer is

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Danielle Lloyd digs herself a little more gold

Grasping model breaks a fat chunk off another dumbcluck’s fortune

Tottenham fans will be delighted to hear that after a season of disappointment there is some good news at last: third-choice striker Jermain Defoe has bought a £20,000 watch for girlfriend Danielle Lloyd. Apart from the childish pleasure the supporters doubtless derive from watching their [...]

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Man Utd Xmas Party

Man United to win the battle of the Christmas parties


Rio is making sure his team will be Big Pimpin’ and knee-deep in hos

If you thought seeing an underperforming Ukrainian wearing a sexy rollneck to a party was exciting, wait until you hear the plans for Manchster Utd’s festive shin dig!

According to our good friends at

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Ashley Young in webcam touching frenzy

The man who invented computers would be spinning in his grave


Whenever they’re quizzed about their personal lives away from the pitch, footballers are full of cliches – they might have “a glass of wine over dinner” or play some golf to unwind. But the real truth is [...]

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