Angry Young Man

Great news, Chelsea – Neymar goes into meltdown at Santos

Neymar – sugar rushing?


It’s now traditional for a great Brazilian footballers to replace their God given talent with a serious attitude problem at some stage during their careers, but 18-year-old Neymar appears to be accelerating the process, with a dramatic display of petulance in a recent Santos match against [...]

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Neymar is having a bad week

Jinking Brazilian shows off Sunday League-esque skills

Even the most brilliantly talented footballers have their off weeks (or months, if you’re Wayne Rooney).

During last Saturday’s match against Goias, Neymar both missed a penalty, his fourth in [...]

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Transfer News

Pele has a quiet word with Neymar… it doesn’t work

Kids, do as Pele says… or not… your choice


The whisper echoing across the many oceans is that Santos managed to enlist the help of the fourth or fifth greatest footballer ever - Pele - in a bid to stop Neymar from leaving the club and moving to Chelsea.

Only it hasn’t entirely worked.

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Transfer Talk

Lots of business at Barcelona, and West Ham’s wonderkid…

Fabregas – training for next season?

Cesc Fabregas 

People who enjoy hearing about other people’s holidays will be delighted to know that Frank Lampsie has taken his bed partner, Christine Bleakley, to Sardinia, where they have been spotted horsing around in swimming costumes with their pals, the Redknapps. Not to mention the [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: Brazil

“Kiss my face”

Ronaldinho and Robinho

And so now to the second of The Spoiler’s World Cup profiles. Brazil – famous for being brilliant at football, great at throwing parties that involve women in bikinis dancing around in the street, and not bad at winning major tournaments. But, beaneath [...]

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