Transfer stuff

Everyone to Chelsea, Bendtner to Bayern Munich and more

Katy Perry – sparkly


Apparently, Russell Brand hasn’t been allowed into Japan to watch his wife, Katy Perry, on tour because of his criminal record. It’s been a bad couple of weeks for Mr Brand who also saw his football team – West Ham United – get relegated.


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Nicklas Bendtner gets foot and rams it in mouth… Again



Nicklas, Nicklas, Nicklas. When will you learn? The Spoiler is a big fan of the Danish striker, but sometimes he really needs to know when to stop talking.

He makes a decent enough point and then adds to it. And adds to it. Then doubles back and then [...]

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Transfer Talk

Turks eye up Berbs, and der Kaiser says something weird

The obligatory unrelated royal photograph


Of course, like everyone else, The Spoiler has spent the last couple of days weeping happy tears because Prince William isn’t going to be a lonely king. On the contrary, he’ll have the beautiful seductress Queen Kate by his side holding a serpeant, sensually whispering [...]

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Tough Guys

Nicklas Bendtner and his woman get all macho about it

Between them, they are wearing one whole outfit

Nicklas Bendtner Elle

A few interesting facts about Denmark: a lunchtime favourite is liver pate on rye bread, topped with corned beef, a slice of “meat”, some raw onions and a sprinkle of cress. Same sex marriage was legalised in [...]

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