Sexy Violence News

Which Inter Milan star started a nightclub brawl?

Chilean internationals fight it out over attractive lady


It seems that Steven Gerrard isn’t the only one arguing with his fists over this festive period.

Inter Milan midfielder Luis Jimenez has held a grudge over fellow Chilean international Mauricio Pinilla after the South American press claimed the latter had slept with the former’s wife, [...]

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Mr Saturday Night

Ronaldinho defends his love of nightclubs

AC Milan star fights for his right to party


It’s no secret that tubby Brazilian likes to surround himself with disco lights, alcohol and ladies of ill repute, and his performances have suffered accordingly. Despite the strong correlation between wild nights out and rubbishness, the AC Milan [...]

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Premier League Drinking

Giovani Dos Santos learns a very valuable lesson from Ledley King

Going out is much more fun when you get hammered

Giovani Dos Santos

Twas the Tottenham Christmas party this week, and Giovani Dos Santos gave his greatest performance of the season. After enjoying the festivities at London’s Taman Gang Club, the Mexican decided not to use his injured [...]

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Craig Bellamy beat up a charity worker in Sierra Leone

Striker misinterprets purpose of goodwill mission

Craig bellamy

When it comes down to it, Craig Bellamy is a good guy. If you ignore the golf club attacks on teammates, nightclub assaults on women, chair hurling, racially aggravated assault and his thoroughly unprofessional attitude to transfers, he’s just a sweet [...]

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