Rock N Roll

Spoiler man lives it up in South Africa with Noel Gallagher

Spoiler man Ruud, and an Oasis member

Noel and Ruud

Now, far be it for The Spoiler to get all boastful about it, but whilst the rest of the country flicked channels between extra time in the World Cup final and the latest happenings in the Big Brother house, [...]

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Wise Words?

Mancini channels spirit of Oasis to calm everyone down

Non-gibberish Oasis lyric uncovered by Italian

Noel Gallagher 

As a foreigner in new surroundings, it’s important to at least try to blend in with your new friends and neighbours. The Danish footballer Jan Molby famously did this by adopting a very local Merseyside dialect called “Carragher” during his Liverpool days.


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