Paris Fashion Week Update

Makelele watches his wife modeling knickers and bras

Life after Chelsea is quite swishy, it seems

For those of you who know nothing of the delicate world of fashion, it’s Fancy Dress Week in Paris, which means that the streets have been awash with a disproportionate amount of camp young gentlemen weeping in neckscarves. Amongst them, Claude Makelele, now of Paris St. Germain. [...]

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Pretend Teeth

Claude Makelele’s woman experiments with comedy

Oh my God, what is she LIKE?


Don’t believe everything political satirists tell you, props are still hilarious. Nothing, literally nothing, is more fist-clenchingly funny than watching a man in a massive multi-coloured wig putting on some of those brilliant glasses where the eyeballs fall out on springs. It’s [...]

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Continental WAG Goodness

The Euro 2008 WAG XI

The ultimate European Championships dream team

Imagine spending a day in topsy-turvy world, where hot snow falls up and hamburgers eat people and Ronaldinho isn’t fat. In this magical land, the world’s finest WAGs would no longer be able to spend their time melting credit cards in exclusive boutiques or splashing around in the [...]

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Continental WAG Goodness

The hottest WAGs of Euro 2008

With no British presence, you’ll need something to look at

It was the 2006 World Cup that really embedded the concept of Waggery deep into the conscience of this tiny island we all share, yet this summer, Posh, Cheryl et al will not be spending their time in [...]

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