Oh Dear

Sergei Rebrov offers some helpful racist advice to Roman Pavlyuchenko

Fellow Eastern European emigre warns of ‘dark-skinned people’

Sergei Rebrov

Sergio Rebrov, who contributed little except for bad feeling in return for a pay packet at Tottenham, has been kind enough to offer advice to Roman Pavlyuchenko following his arrival in North London. Yet he didn’t dispense useful tips [...]

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Norf Laaandan

What’s wrong with you, Arsenal and Spurs players? Can’t take the heat?

North London proves a little bit too edgy for troubled footballers…


People who survive North London are cut from a different cloth to the average gent. That’s probably why Hleb can’t take it, but the likes of Lehmann, Bergkamp and Amy Winehouse can. They’re just a little bit edgier, [...]

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Big Big Rivals

Oh dear, Spurs and Arsenal fancy the same guy

It’s like Kramer vs Kramer all over again… in a way


People of north London, lock your doors, put bars on your windows, and head upstairs to hide under a dressing table – it’s all kicking off in the transfer market. And yet again, London-bound players are being ordered [...]

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