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Martin Allen appeals for lodgings on Notts County site

Spotted by F365


Apparently in 1967, when The Beatles released Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band, loads of bands just gave up knowing they could never hope to achieve anything as good as The Beatles’ sixth best album.

The Spoiler now knows how those poor bands felt. After [...]

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Straight talking news

Notts County boss Martin Allen gives an absolutely brilliant interview

Martin Allen. Pointing.


The Spoiler loves the high life. If we’re not swishing around Waitrose in a Tom Ford three-piece, then we’re sashaying around some private beach in the Maldives with a bevy of beautiful women-folk draped around us.

However, occasionally we do like to slum it. We [...]

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Round 2

Stan Collymore limbers up for another clash with thespoiler

Once more unto the breach…


The above headline may have had you spluttering over your chocolate fingers at breakfast this morning, but that quite frankly, should teach you to buy the Daily Mirror. This site and Stanley Victor Collymore have what could be described as form, [...]

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Breaking News

Notts County sack manager

Which nowadays is headline news

Confused man

More as we get it, but Notts County have issued a statement informing the world that they have sacked Ian McParland, for having the temerity to drop points at home to Torquay yesterday.

So many questions. Where does [...]

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Fleeting Appearances

The top ten shortest spells at a football club

The players who didn’t earn their loyalty bonuses

Sol Campbell

As anyone who has ever divorced will testify, sometimes it is necessary to call time on a big commitment. Footballers who sign big money contracts are no strangers to this maxim, but some jump ship a little earlier than [...]

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Sol Campbell’s ‘official’ reason for leaving Notts County

Defender reveals sufficiently ridiculous excuse for departure

Sol Campbell

Having maintained radio silence for a couple of days after his shock one game exit from Notts County last week, Sol Campbell chose to explain himself yesterday in an exclusive interview with the News of the World. Most impressively, [...]

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