Good Woman

Oksana Andersson wins MOST LIBERAL WAG prize

UK’s finest take note…

WAGs are funny. So tanned, so moisturised, so pretty, but informally ask one if she’s going to remove her top any time soon, and the air will suddenly chill – it’s as if you’ve said something wrong/inappropriate. Weird.

One WAG who isn’t so uptight when it comes to removing clothes, however, [...]

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Continental WAG Goodness

The Euro 2008 WAG XI

The ultimate European Championships dream team

Imagine spending a day in topsy-turvy world, where hot snow falls up and hamburgers eat people and Ronaldinho isn’t fat. In this magical land, the world’s finest WAGs would no longer be able to spend their time melting credit cards in exclusive boutiques or splashing around in the [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 36: Oksana Andersson

Manchester’s loss is La Coruña’s gain

After failing to impress Gary Megson at Bolton, permanently-on-loan Anderlecht winger Christian Wilhelmsson packed his bags in the January transfer windows and headed for the sunny climes of Deportivo. Yesterday saw the Swede’s first starting appearance in the side, and he helped guide them to [...]

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