Wayne Rooney will return, in… ‘Octogenarian Pussy’

Photoshop hijinks


It’s Christmas party season in the world of professional football and Manchester United are reportedly preparing to throw a James Bond-themed bash – complete with gambling tables (no Michael Owens allowed), ice sculptures and ‘showgirls’, which is presumably a euphemism for ‘one free blowjob per guest!’.

A [...]

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Good Boys

10 Footballers who wouldn’t visit prostitutes

Kinky picture used to depict story


If you’d asked The Spoiler a month or so ago to name one footballer who definitely wouldn’t reach into his pocket to score some cheap sex with a proz, the name Peter Crouch would have been at the top of the list.

Now [...]

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Breaking News

What if Terry’s foot keeps him out of the World Cup?

“Ow, my foot!”


As is the England tournament tradition, an important player has managed to bugger up his foot just weeks before kick off – namely, JT. And yes, the whisper on the street is that it’s the bloody metatarsal again.

A Chelsea statement reads thusly:

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