the big question

Gareth Barry apparently out – who should replace him?

Meet the candidates

Carrick, Hargreaves, Huddlestone, Parker 

The word from The Daily Mail is that Gareth Barry’s buggered up ankle could be worse than anyone expected, as he looks set to miss out on the World Cup.

Begging the question – who should be drafted in to [...]

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News in brief

Inspiring women, Dalglish to step in for Rafa, and more…

“Danielle! Danielle!… can you look inspiring?”

Danielle Lloyd

For those of you not invited, today was not just a typical Wednesday, it was also the day of the SHE Inspiring Women Awards – presumably an awards ceremony celebrating inspiring women. And inspiring they certainly were. Danielle Lloyd, Elen Rives, [...]

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World Cup Fever

What’s that? Owen Hargreaves NOT going to the World Cup?

“Sorry lads, I’m going to have to duck out – cheers!”

Owen Hargreaves

One debate that definitely hasn’t been raging for the last few months has been whether Owen Hargreaves will go to the World Cup or not. And yet, as reported in the Daily Mail, the midfield [...]

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News in brief

Old face returning to United, trouble at Liverpool…

 Everyone, this is Owen… Owen… Everyone

Owen Hargreaves

Of course, the big news today is that Jordan has married another man – this time, the one with the botched up ears that look like big discarded tea bags. You know, the fighty bloke who suffered daily humiliation at the [...]

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A Tale of two owens

Fabio might yet take two Owens to the World Cup

The Owens – there’s still time

The Owens

Hilariously, were Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves to enter into a civil partnership, one of them would be called Owen Owen. As it is, neither are gay. And, for those wondering, no, that isn’t what happened with Neville Neville. It was [...]

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