Jose Luis Chilavert accused of starting airport scuffle

Goalscoring goalie in arrival gate fisticuffs

Former Paraguyan national team goalkeeper and legendary dead-ball specialist Jose Luis Chilavert might soon be getting a visit from the law after being accused of smacking an agent in a row [...]

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Angry footballer attempts to strangle the ref

Paraguayan footballer Jose Pedrozo gets cross

It’s not easy being a ref, especially when a player attempts a WWE “sleeper hold” to stop you from producing a red card. [...]

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Beautiful Lady

Hot Paraguay fan vows to get naked if they win

This is Larissa Riquelme, everyone

Larissa Riquelme

Anyone who has made it through the entire coverage of a World Cup match will be all too aware that the cameramen have two jobs. Firstly, they need to film the game, that’s a given. But they also have a [...]

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World Cup Qualification Woes

Argentina: still a bit rubbish

The Albicelestes’ poor form under Diego Maradona continues

Paraguay 1/ Argentina 0 While World Cup Qualification strugglers Portugal were given a boost with a 1-0 victory in Hungary last [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 313: Giselle Tavarelli

Wife of the owner of Blackburn’s finest pimp chalice

Roque Santa Cruz has been married to fellow Paraguayan Giselle Tavarelli since 2004, and were deemed so hot right now by the European press during the most recent World Cup: German magazine Kicker voted him the sexiest man of the tournament, and [...]

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