Serie A braces itself for PSG’s latest divisional cherry pick

World’s best defender and a Whiteboard favourite are off to Paris


Football has its own versions of the famous question that sounds somewhat like an alibi-seeker: where were you when JFK died?

Popular examples include where were you when England won the World Cup (most used answer: not born), where were you on that night in Barcelona/Istanbul/Luanda and where were you when Manchester City [...]

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Rich but principled, pah!

Suddenly selfless Leonardo deserves derision for Tevez stance

A previous show of devotion to AC Milan from Leonardo...


Involvement with Carlos Tevez has a tendency to bring out the worst in football folk, and even the usually likable Leonardo appears to have fallen into that trap judging by the latest developments at Paris St-Germain.

In response to rumours linking the cashed-up French club with a move for the AC Milan target, their director [...]

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January Departures

The Spoiler’s “available in the transfer window” XI

Eleven players who’ll probably all end up at Man City in January

Available in the transfer window XI

With just 23 days left until the big day, footballers all over Europe are champing at the bit to leave their current employers behind, in search of [...]

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Paris Fashion Week Update

Makelele watches his wife modeling knickers and bras

Life after Chelsea is quite swishy, it seems

For those of you who know nothing of the delicate world of fashion, it’s Fancy Dress Week in Paris, which means that the streets have been awash with a disproportionate amount of camp young gentlemen weeping in neckscarves. Amongst them, Claude Makelele, now of Paris St. Germain. [...]

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