Nice Perks

Revealed: The ridiculously pampered lifestyles of Manchester Utd players

Patrice Evra lifts the lid on players’ cushy treatment

We are all too aware of the difficulties of being a Premier League footballer – as soon as the two hour daily training session is complete, players must make the arduous choice of which games console to play on, and then must go through the [...]

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Red Devils Kitchen

Patrice Evra and Fergie star in Man Utd cookery show

Groundsman-punching defender whips up a culinary delight

Patrice Evra

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Manchester Utd fans with a desperate need to fritter away their precious disposable income with an MUTV subscription were finally rewarded last night, as the first episode of Red Devil’s Kitchen aired.

In the [...]

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Half Decent Footballers

The ‘Big Four’ XI

Is this the best team in the Premier League?

Rio Ferdinand

Make no mistake, friends, the ‘Big Four’ are so-called because they’re brilliant. So brilliant that were you to merge them all together to create a “best of” team, some huge names would fall by the wayside. We are, [...]

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