Football Fury

Hmm, what did Le Saux say about Paul Ince’s bed partner?

Le Saux and Incey – not friends

Graeme Le Saux and Paul Ince

Readers of Sunday newspapers tend to be divided into flocks. You’ve got your Sunday Times types, with their warmed up croissants, and coffee poured from one of those pushy-downy things. Then The [...]

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False Dawn Countdown

The five most misleading Premiership opening day results of all time

One day of sunshine does not a summer make

Tottenham/ Liverpool

As Spurs fans jauntily swagger down the street, whistling the Champions League theme tune, and Everton supporters sit hunched in their garages considering their very existence, its worth remembering that the Opening Day is often as misleading as [...]

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In It For The Money

The Spoiler’s Mercenary XI

For some players, it’s all about the Benjamins

Cashley Cole

After being knocked back by Kaka and his ilk, it’s becoming clear that Manchester City will have to build their team of superstars from those who hold a big day in greater regard than loyalty and dignity.

Perhaps Robinho, [...]

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