News in brief

A double whammy of Premier League leg break news…

“I think it’s broken…” (it’s not)

Luka Modric 

Of course, showbusiness desks all over the country are awash with the sounds of delighted squealing and nervously spilt cappuccinos today, after Robbie Williams managed to share a stage with Gary Barlow, without braining him on live television.

Well done, or whatever. Anyway, [...]

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World Cup Fever

VOTE: Who should be England’s World Cup goalie?

Oh, for another Banksy!

Gordon Banks 

The debates about who should play where for England will rage with increasing ferocity over the coming months. Friends will fall out, young lovers will be forced to go their separate ways due to an inability to agree on the correct line-up of [...]

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In Case You Missed It

Video: Heurelho Gomes pulls a Paul Robinson

Tottenham getting comfortable at the bottom of the table

When they sent Paul Robinson packing, Spurs might have imagined their days of calamitous goalkeeping were over. Not [...]

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Awful, Just Awful

The Spoiler’s Premier League Nightmare XI

The worst players currently plying their trade in the top flight

Paul Robinson’s secret weapon

A survey of the worst Premier League players of all time as conducted by Top-Up TV arrived at Spoiler Towers this morning, and their ‘Relegation Utd’ looked a little something like [...]

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