Anyone know who subtle Paul Scholes was talking about?

Reserved former star wades into debate about England failure

Paul Scholes

The Spoiler has previously challenged the widely-held view that Paul Scholes’ career-long shyness in the media was an indication that he was the ultimate professional, instead arguing that it could be because he has a tendency to talk [...]

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man crush

The Spoiler is TOTALLY in love with Xavi

Spoiler 4 Xavi 4EVA


QUICK! It’s Valentine’s Day on Monday – if you don’t send your cards today they’ll never get there in time. Your ‘loved one’ will become just a ‘one’ and you’ll spend the rest of your life alone. For the love of God, get to [...]

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Where's G.Nev when you need him?

Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs show their stroppy side

Yea, laugh it up, boys…


Gary Neville has only been gone a few days and already his calming influence and legendary BANTER are being missed by Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs.

The remaining members of the Class of ’92 showed how much they miss him by being all [...]

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