The Big Question

Should Capello attempt to take Scholes to South Africa?

This man means goals apparently

Paul Scholes 

Speaking as a man who has won a World Cup, Geoff Hurst is quoted in today’s Sun as saying that he’d definitely like to see Paul Scholes in South Africa. In fact, he even took the opportunity to suck a bit of wind from Capello’s sails, by speaking [...]

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Pucker Up Lads!

Neville and Scholes, and other kissing footballers


Neville and Scholes 

Fans of movies about the mob will tell you that sometimes one man can kiss another man, and it’s not in any way girly/gay. If anything, it’s actually quite macho, and it goes some way to proving that there’s really nothing particularly eyebrow-raising about two straight [...]

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News in brief

Fergie wants Milner, Scholes staying, and no Tevez regrets

Tevez and the ghost of Sir Alex Ferguson

Tevez and Ferguson

If you happen to be in Manchester today, you might sense something in the air. Your paranoid mind tells you that it might be that volcanic dust that everyone’s on about, but it isn’t. It’s tension, friend. [...]

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Video Tribute

Look, it’s some wonderful Paul Scholes goals!

Yep, some pretty nice strikes…

Long it’s been said, “Scholes” means “goals”, so no one should really be surprised that the elderly asthmatic now has one hundred of the [...]

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Derby Action

VIDEO: Last night’s Manchester Derby highlights

Man United 3-1 Man City

It was a night brimming with wonder. The weird Tevez backheel. Stephen Ireland’s astonishing Icarus wings on his back. Jamie Redknapp’s preposterous new must-have haircut for men (just [...]

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Fergie's Fledglings

Oh brilliant, now Gary Neville’s calling it a day

Gary is the toddler on the left

Gary Neville 

Those of a certain age will remember when Fergie’s Fledglings “Class of 1992″ first turned up on the scene. It all started with Ryan Giggsie. Then, before long, Nicky Butt came along – a terrier like teenager who looked like were he not playing [...]

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The Year 2000!

FLASHBACK: First England Team of the Millennium

Keegan horsing around during a pre-match training session

Kevin Keegan

With the end of the first decade of the Millenium just about mouthing “hello” from over the horizon, The Spoiler is taking the opportunity to doff a cap to some of the teams that graced the field in [...]

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