Transfer Talk

Man United Barcelona switcheroo, and other transfers

Lisa Snowdon and some colleagues

Lisa Snowdon

It’s a grim truth that for a relationship to survive, you need to overcome a series of obstacles and tests cynically thrown in your way by cruel life. One of which is no doubt occupying the mind of Cardiff City man Jay Bothroyd [...]

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News in brief

Rival fans unite, Lampard’s genius confirmed… kind of

Is an unlikely friendship in the offing?

Liverpool fans

Whilst showbiz desks are going berserk over pictures of Rachel Stevens’ new-look womanly thighs, which she chose to unveil at last night’s Baftas, sports desks are equally agog today with news of a rather unlikely alliance.

It’s common knowledge that [...]

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News In Brief

Mourinho’s mafia issues, transfer update, and more…


Jose Mourinho

If you’re planning on visiting another country – perhaps to live for a while, or just for a nice holiday – it’s a good idea to do some research. Find out the best places to eat, learn a few local phrases, read up on dress codes. [...]

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News in brief

Old face returning to United, trouble at Liverpool…

 Everyone, this is Owen… Owen… Everyone

Owen Hargreaves

Of course, the big news today is that Jordan has married another man – this time, the one with the botched up ears that look like big discarded tea bags. You know, the fighty bloke who suffered daily humiliation at the [...]

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