WAG of the Day

WAG No. 143: Debora Salvalaggio

A Miss Italy who has had more ‘ballers than hot dinners

It is inevitable that the conquests of two of Italian football’s greatest man-whores would overlap, and they have done exactly that in 23-year-old model and showgirl Debora Salvalaggio. She has been steamrollered by Christian Vieri (who has also enjoyed [...]

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Football Legend

Fat Ronaldo completes last phase of greatness

Oh, maniac alert…


Great football players have two things in common. 1. Tremendous skills, and 2. Total insanity. We’ve all heard the stories about Gazza marching around hotels demanding ham, or Maradona plunging his face into mountainous piles of freshly chopped cocaine. Hell, even Pele thought it not at [...]

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Mile High Club

Romario: “I had sex on a plane”

Brazilian striker gets to work on his legend


Brazilian striker Romario may have hung his boots up this month, but it seems he forgot to tell his mouth about it. While his departure from the game was hastened by a doping ban, which the great one claims was caused [...]

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Maradona's nutty friends

Maradona’s new year resolution: meet more crazy people

World’s greatest footballer wants to hang with Argentina’s least favourite world leader.

7711.jpgDiego Armando Maradona, who like Pele travels the world meeting people, although unlike Pele only gladhands unstable political leaders, has announced the next name on his wish list – President Ahmedinejad of Iran. “I’ve met Chavez and [...]

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