Here's the science

Eggheads explain how to take the perfect penalty

No more feeling rubbish, England players!


Football is all about physics, so, in many ways, Wayne Rooney isn’t just a footballer, he’s also a magnificent scientist. It is also, unfortunately, marred by biology – the most annoying of the sciences – from time to time. Specifically when it comes [...]

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A Craze!

New penalty taking technique sweeping Brazil

Neymar Penalty

It’s hard to come up with a new move in football – The Spoiler has tried many times, using new techniques like “rabbit taps”, “duck walking”, and [...]

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News in brief

Capello on pens, and bad news for Chelsea…

Capello – understands stress


It’s important in modern football that the manager understands the mental state of his players. That he can accurately grasp factors like anxiety, terror, and shape-shifting goals.

So, the great news for England’s national footballers, is that Capello totally gets it. He said this about penalties, as reported in today’s [...]

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In case You Missed It

Video: Man Utd/ Portsmouth Community Shield Highlights

Fergie’s men scrape victory  in season curtain-raiser

The Charity Community Shield has always been good for a few goals, as only one had finished goalless in the past thirty years. Upholding this record [...]

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Bad acting

Anelka gets his missed penalty face all wrong

Two reactions, one right, one wrong


It’s not rocket science, absolutely everyone knows that if you miss a penalty in a big game, you have to cry. Without tears, people won’t feel sorry for you, and your team mates will start fearing the worst. SWP might poke Joe Cole [...]

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Crafty Striker

Conspiracy theory alert: Drogba bottled it

Cynics suggest that Drogba is capable of cheating on purpose 


Now, obviously The Spoiler has no fixed opinion on anything – being more of an open ear rather than a judgmental yammering gob – but the whisper in the undergrowth is that Drogba might have got himself sent of [...]

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