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Arsene Wenger needs to stop talking very, very soon…

Big mouth strikes again…


There have been three distinct periods during Arsene Wenger’s time in charge of Arsenal.

First there was Le Professeur Period. People were whining about how he didn’t have enough passion and how he’d never cut it in the English game because he didn’t go mental [...]

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Mind games

OMFG! Guardiola absolutely SLATES Wilshere!

According to the Daily Mirror (and several other papers) Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola has absolutely ripped Arsenal and Jack Wilshere a new one by insisting little Jackie wouldn’t get in the Barca first team ahead of Andrés Iniesta, Xavi and Sergio Busquets. The swine…

Here’s what he said:

“Wilshere is a top player, and has [...]

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Lifting the lid

Ibrahimovic hates Guardiola but hearts Mourinho

Snog Marry Avoid?


Throughout your short but eventful time on earth, there are bound to be people who you’ve loved no matter what. Someone that – regardless of how horrible they are – you can’t let go.

The Spoiler felt that way about its first girlfriend – despite [...]

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Poaching news

New Arsenal youngster looks pretty tasty… Barca aren’t happy though



Arsenal. You gotta love them, don’t you? They play football the ‘right’ way, don’t spend stupid money on superstars and a lot of their players look sooooo cute you want to kidnap them and tie them up in a silk lined memory chest, taking them out occasionally to [...]

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Fighting Talk

Ibrahimovic’s agent wades into Cruyff and Guardiola

Raiola – with Telly Savalas

Mino Raiola

Ibrahimovic – depending on where you stand on the subject, he’s either football’s Audley Harrison, or a millionaire’s Peter Crouch.

Either way, his agent – a maniac called Mino Raiola – has rolled up his sleeves and windmilled into Johan Cruyff and [...]

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