Handsome Couple

Frank Lampard’s ex upgrades to a hunky pop twit

Rives and Andre (clutching some homemade Lynx)

Elen Rives and Peter Andre

Totally unwittingly, The Spoiler is now part of actual news. Some might remember yesterday that we mentioned a dreamy afternoon in Claridge’s being dragged into the sewers by the arrival of Peter Andre and some [...]

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Transfer Talk

Liverpool’s 2011 transfer wish list, and Blackburn hilarity!

Those still curious about what life entails for The Spoiler when not writing very liberally around the subject of football, yesterday afternoon was spent hemorrhaging money on afternoon tea in the swishy London hotel Claridges – a rare treat, so rare that it had never happened before. How posh we all felt, eating little crustless sandwiches, [...]

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