Which one player would you poach from… Chelsea?

Use your vote wisely


The scenario: You’re the manager of a Premier League team, and you’re allowed to strengthen your squad by signing just one player in the January transfer window. But you can only choose someone from Chelsea’s star-packed squad – so who do you pick?

Your options: [...]

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Half Decent Footballers

The ‘Big Four’ XI

Is this the best team in the Premier League?

Rio Ferdinand

Make no mistake, friends, the ‘Big Four’ are so-called because they’re brilliant. So brilliant that were you to merge them all together to create a “best of” team, some huge names would fall by the wayside. We are, [...]

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Rotten Eggs

Euro 2008: The Spoiler’s Worst Team of The Tournament

They’re a disgrace, a big revolting disgrace…


Okay, we’ve drooled enough over the Arshavins and the David Villas, now it’s time to load up the claws and get stuck into some massive Euro 2008 flops. These men should think about getting a new day job – especially you, [...]

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Croatia/ Turkey Preview

Why Croatia will beat Turkey in Vienna tonight

Euro 2008 quarter-final, 7.45pm, BBC1, bet here

Croatia/ Turkey preview

Having successfully avoided a quarter-final clash with Germany, the most successful side in Euro history, the Turks now face in-form Croatia. Unfortunately, this looks to be the end of the road for the Eurasians, as the [...]

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What the Cech?

The curse of Petr Cech

Is there a higher force at work?


Hoddle was right, some people are cursed. Perhaps not in the same repulsively narrow minded and disturbing fashion he attempted to smudge on the nation’s brains, but somewhere in the same spooky ballpark. After all, look at Petr Cech – he obviously [...]

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In Case You Missed It

Video: The goal Petr Cech won’t want to watch again

Czechs crash out due to keeper’s temporary rubbishness

Petr Cech

Thoroughly dependable shot stopper Petr Cech momentarily experienced a condition known as ‘Paul Robinson-itis’ last night, as he gifted Turkey a victory and a place in the quarter-finals.

The Chelsea keeper was man enough to take [...]

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