Mr Tough

Germany’s Philipp Lahm opens up a can of whoop-ass!

Stand back everyone – tough guy coming through

Philipp Lahm

Okay, it’s not quite getting to heavyweight boxer proportions, where one guy says he’s going to have sex with the other one’s wife, before also threatening to eat his offspring and brutalise his very soul, but the Germans are having a [...]

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Transfer Talk

Lahm to City, Keane to Celtic, Carew to Turkey…

Take a good look, Wayne Bridge. Your new enemy

Philipp Lahm

Whilst the rest of the nation stares mindlessly at the office clock, willing Christmas to come early this year, hard working sports journalists have been working around the thing, desperately clawing at clues that might shed some light [...]

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Germany/ England reaction

How the German press have reacted to last night’s game

Hint: they’re not happy

Germany/ England

Obviously, the English press are delighted with last night’s victory in Berlin, but it’s good to know that the German media is just as negative and over-the-top when it comes to embarrassing international defeats.

Bild, Germany’s biggest daily and the equivalent [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 114: Nicola Valentina

Lahm’s lady isn’t in Ballack’s good books

If Captain Serious Michael Ballack gets his way, German WAGs will be rushed back over the border to their homeland quicker than you can say “du werdest einer Krankenschwester brauchen.” Ballack’s proposed WAG ban is bad news for the likes of Nicola [...]

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In Case You Missed It

Video: Michael Ballack’s free kick against Austria

German captain sends the hosts packing

Austria/ Germany

While dismissed Germany coach Adrien Brody Joachim Loew was kickin’ it with German chancellor Angela Merkel in the stands, Michael Ballack was busy blasting a 30-yard free kick won by Philipp Lahm.

Speaking of Philipp Lahm, why not enter our [...]

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