Excellent goals

Swansea and Forest’s play-off game had four brilliant goals…

(L-R) John Toshack, long-haired ginger man, Gary Speed


The first Championship play-off semi-final second-leg (that is a word count buggering up name for a game if ever there was one) took place last night and it was an absolute bloody belter – look how thrilled John Toshack and Gary [...]

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Massive Downer

Board says NO to play-offs – thanks a lot, Big Four!

Look, but don’t touch, non-Big Fourers

Champions League

This year’s Premier League has been brilliant – one of the best campaigns ever – but it is an exception. As with the last however many years, next time around it should go back to usual.

The usual being the [...]

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The Big Question

VOTE: Champions League 4th spot play-off – a good idea?

More exciting? Or, erm, not?

Champions League trophy

The word from today’s Guardian is that the big suited honchos who run the Premier League are considering the introduction of play-offs for the final Champions League spot at the end of each season.

These would take place – most [...]

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Happy B'Baller

Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnett loves Chelsea

NBA forward unnecessarily thrilled about receiving free garment

American netball fans are currently engrossed in the NBA Finals, where Kevin Garnett’s Boston Celtics are attempting to throw more balls into some small elevated hoops than the LA [...]

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