Ashley Cole punched in the underpants by Google

Kayla Collins – Ashley’s future ex?

Kayla Collins

For all that is totally brilliant about modern technology, all of this advancement has a downside. Notably that it’s now damn near impossible to casually steamroller a whole host of women behind Cheryl Cole’s back and ever have [...]

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New Woman

You’ve got Ashley Cole all wrong, insists nudie model

Kayla Collins – very open minded

Kayla Collins

You’re all familiar with the thoughtful saying about people in glass houses not throwing stones. It’s a metaphor which works on two levels – both literally (it’d be a stupid thing to do), and figuratively (it means “don’t slag people off, [...]

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WAG Watch

Berbatov threatened by gangster for sexy text messages

Man Utd star accused of flirting with Playboy model via SMS

Dimitar Berbatov barely exudes enough energy to get out of bed and put his hairband on, so it was with great surprise that we read about his supposed adventures with a Bulgarian Playboy Playmate of the Year.

The rather lovely Nikoleta Lozanova [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 360: Nikol

The current partner of Liverpool’s most endangered star

Yesterday, we informed you of the plight of millionth-choice Liverpool goalkeeper Nikolay Mihaylov, who finds himself on the wrong end of a disagreement with a Bulgarian mob boss after insulting his ex girlfriend Nikoleta Lozanova.

Now his former flame is engulfed in the [...]

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WAG of The Day

WAG No. 359: Nikoleta Lozanova

The Playboy model who has made a Liverpool star fear for his life

Thanks to their love of Bulgarian models with mafia connections, our friends at Dirty Tackle have cast a sexy light on Nikoleta Lozanova. The 2006 Bulgarian Playboy Playmate of the Year used to step out with [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 356: Anna Przybylska

Poland, you’ve done it again

If you thought Dorota Rabczewska was the only Polish WAG who has become intimate with the readers of Playboy magazine, then you were sorely mistaken. Meet Anna Przybylska, the actress and model whose long term partner is the equally unpronounceable Jarosław Bieniuk, [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 349: Michaela Ochotská

The former First Lady of Czech football

Michaela Ochotská is a TV presenter, actress and bikini enthusiast from the Czech Republic. The 24-year-old beauty has modelled for Playboy and FHM, credentials that earned her the attention of Tomáš Ujfaluši, the former Czech captain who retired from international football in disgrace after [...]

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