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Carr’s in trouble, Barca want Steven Taylor…

Steven Taylor – sitting on a wall

Steven Taylor

Those who like their sport to come with a glamourous showbiz sheen will have been blown away by pictures of David Beckham’s little ones playing AMERICAN football today. It’s all over the news. So much so, that some people have forgotten [...]

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Brekkin' The Law

David Bentley arrested for drink driving

Tottenham star continues to sabotage his career

David Bentley

David Bentley and his delightfully punchable face found themselves in trouble with the law in the early hours of Wednesday morning, as the Tottenham star was charged with drink driving.

After enjoying a concert by Oasis-AC/DC hybrid Jet [...]

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Drugs raid at Ryan Giggs’ mum’s house

Suspicious party discovered during Champions League Final

Those who believe that illegal activity could not possibly occur in a £1.3m mock Tudor mansion purchased by a footballer are in for a shock. While watching her son Ryan Giggs lose the Champions League Final in Rome on Wednesday night, police raided Lynne Johnson’s home and discovered [...]

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