Corruption news

Porto may be in trouble after taking referee out for some dinner

Bjorn Kuipers – Scandalous


The Spoiler has had some disastrous dinners in the past. We’ve sat there while a prospective partner has actually cried, we’ve got food poisoning from rubbish pâté and we’ve even plumped for red wine after ordering fish! Nightmare!

All of which leads us seamlessly into [...]

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Video Highlights

Arsenal surgically remove Porto from Europe

Arsenal 5-0 Porto

If anything, Nicklas Bendtner further proved his inconsistency last night, by being consistent in front of goal. Expect to see him clumsily hoofing a [...]

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Apology Update

Fabregas makes mid-flight apology to travelling fans

“This is your captain speaking etc…”


As reported in today’s Independent, Cesc Fabregas fulfilled every boy’s childhood dream of making an announcement on a plane. In fact, thinking about it, the universal desire to sit in a cockpit is a rather odd one – after all, are these pilots [...]

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Oh dear, Wenger just contradicted himself… a bit

Arsene Wenger – livid


See, managers have got a bit of a problem these days – the damn internet. It’s like a big whirring machine that logs your every thought and opinion, then spews it back at you whenever you attempt to make an argument from the other side [...]

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VIDEO: Porto/Arsenal and other goalkeeping horrors

Porto 2-1 Arsenal

Back in the early days of the Premier League, last night’s Fabianski performance would have triggered at least one hilarious quip from the commentary box about it not being Comic [...]

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The Spoiler bet of the day

Our attempt to turn a £10 note into ten £10 notes

Edin Dzeko

The Spoiler has a bit of a soft spot for Chris Hughton but he let us down badly last night by leaving the Hare well and truly malnourished at Bramall Lane – using him in only [...]

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