The Big Question

Should David James be Fabio’s Number One this summer?

Pictured with Henry Redknapp and a silver platter

James and Redknapp

It is a worry that England appear to be readying themselves for a World Cup without a clear vision as to who should go in goal. But if Petr Cech had anything to do with it, it’d [...]

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An Exclusive

And West Ham’s new boss is…. Avram Grant!

Oil up your hands, West Ham masseuses!

Avram Grant

Every single damn day, The Spoiler inbox slowly fills up, often in the manner of a leaking sewage pipe monotonously oozing into a wheelie bin. Come 5pm, the thing is brimming, leaving some poor sod with the ungodly job of getting [...]

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Video Highlights

Highlights of the weekend’s El Clasico!

Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona

It was, of course, one heck of a weekend for Portsmouth, as they were educated in the true meaning of the Lord giving with one [...]

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Financial News

Skint Santos to send Robinho back to City, and more…

Is it curtains for Robinho?


Showbiz desks have been left agog today with news that the actress Katherine Heigl (pronounced “Hi girl!”) suffered a textbook “triple cringe” at an awards show. One of the straps broke on her beautiful red dress! Thankfully, she was alert enough to prevent an [...]

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