Czech Republic and Portugal to spoil Euro 2012-starved viewers

Tournament’s return from massive 48-hour hiatus to be gripping


After the UEFA schedulers had the audacity to leave us with a whole Wednesday devoid of football, Czech Republic and Portugal have a chance to make amends in the first quarter-final of Euro 2012.

To many this is the least intriguing of the four rather succulent steaks available to feast on in the last eight, [...]

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Detective Work

Baby Ronaldo – who’s the mummy?

The big question…


When Cristiano Ronaldo “tweeted” the planet to announce the birth of his secret lovechild and to ask for some privacy on the matter, unfortunately The Spoiler only read the first bit.

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Classy Gentleman

Cristiano Ronaldo expresses himself via spitting

Walk, walk, and then spit… textbook

Three things that every modern professional footballer needs – skills, a wonderfully imaginative hairdresser, and the ability to spit well.

Whereas most people [...]

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Bet of the day

Enliven those boring World Cup games by placing bets!

Mr Fancy’s “hairscape”


Rather disappointingly the World Cup appears to be hamstrung by each team’s deep suspicion of what that bloody ridiculous ball might do next, so if the players aren’t going to make this thing exciting, then you will have to look for ways to do [...]

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