Football Scandal?

Beckham’s been a very naughty boy, suggests Aussie mag

Becksie – behaving suspiciously?

David Beckham

As spotted by our great pals at Pies, an Australian magazine called Famous has run a cover story suggesting that David Beckham has been horsing around with three beautiful women behind his wife’s back, before begging the question: “How much more can [...]

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Dave's Addiction

David Beckham gets yet another tattoo

Mrs Beckham fears husband is addicted to ink

David Beckham gets a new tattoo

Presumably after having spent enough time with the wife and kids this Christmas, David Beckham went off to see his old friend Louis Malloy, the Mancunian artist responsible for most of [...]

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Sexy Clowns

Help us build a WAG circus

Don’t start, it’s totally addictive

Ever since Rio Ferdinand made his off-the-cuff comment about the WAGs having a circus effect on team England, The Spoiler has become completely obsessed with clowns. So much so, that we now want to build a WAG Circus of our own. Above is Queen of the Clowns, Victoria [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 100: Victoria Beckham

Queen B helps commemorate a Spoiler landmark

Today, Spoiler readers, is a momentous occasion. Not only does it mark the fact that I have held down a job for 100 consecutive working days (take that, Mr Parole officer!) but it also means we have been celebrating the weird and [...]

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Lonely Footballer

Has Beckham finally had enough?


The LA Galaxy experiment must have left Beckham feeling pretty fed up. The team consistently under-performs, his only friend away from the pitch has a Hitler haircut and keeps making the same joke about aliens bombing volacanos, and now the wife has got her own friends.

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WAG of The Day

WAG No. 69: Kate Beckinsale

Many people would argue that Kate Beckinsale isn’t strictly a WAG, and in many ways those people would be absolutely right. Mainly because, technically – if you’re really nit-picking – she isn’t a WAG. She’s married to some kind of cigar smoking movie man, the director Len Wiseman. But the big news [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG of the Day No. 47: Chanelle Hayes

Reality star has had her WAG dream cruelly snatched from her

The UK media’s hunger for all things Beckham has meant even those who attempt to imitate our celeb royalty get a great deal of coverage in the press. Hence, you will probably know of Chanelle Hayes, a 20-year-old who [...]

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