REVEALED! The teams who’ll be relegated from the Premier League

Get the accumulators on…


If you’re getting a bit impatient for the sure-to-be-thrilling final day of Premier League football this Sunday then fear not! The Spoiler has handily provided this final league table a full two days early.

We’ve conducted an in-depth (for The Spoiler) bit of research and [...]

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A City United

Well Done on being good at football, Manchester!



There has been so much YouTube-based nonsense doing the rounds today that The Spoiler hasn’t even had time to congratulate Manchester United and Manchester City on their success this past weekend…

Well done!

For some reason, there seems to be a distinct lack of excitement around their fantastic [...]

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Satying put

Amazingly enough, Holloway isn’t going to quit Blackpool

Ian Holloway – gutted


Remember when you’d threaten to run away if your mum made you eat broccoli, but then she’d make you eat it anyway and you’d decide, actually, I’ve got it pretty good here despite the broccoli eating. But then you’d pack your bag anyway just to [...]

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The Big Question

Come on then, who is going to win the Premier League?

Much is often made of whoever is top of the table at Christmas going on to win the thing, but anyone who has actually taken time to check the stats will well know that it doesn’t always guarantee success.

Nani thinks it’s a two-horse race between Man United and Chelsea, Wenger begs to differ, and [...]

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Look! Beautiful snow spotted at Arsenal and Anfield

Ha! Is that SNOW on a cannon?


Well, the plan was to distract you from the crippling disappointment of the weekend’s football non-event with a series of beautiful pictures to remind you that while snow is rubbish on the touch, it’s bloody gorgeous on the eye.

Sadly, we could [...]

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Gambling Information

We’re going to take the league, suggests Chris Smalling

Smalling – feeling positive

Chris Smalling

With Christmas winking on the horizon, all of the stats will soon be dredged up about what it means to be top of the table going into the New Year. Man United youngling, Chris Smalling, is certainly feeling confident about United’s chances.

This [...]

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