It’s transfer deadline day!

Your one stop shop for hearsay, conjecture, and suchlike

aburtonsky.jpg[pic via The Goon Blog]

Sigh. Right, you know the drill. Expect desolate shots of training ground gates, some unlucky chump standing in the pissing rain bringing you literally no news, and congregations of unemployed [...]

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Crystal Ball

The Spoiler’s 10 Premier League 2010/11 predictions

Yes, welcome back, Newcastle fans


Get really excited everyone – the Premier League is back! This is wonderful news, and hopefully a couple of decent weekends will blow away the awful cobwebs left behind by a very disappointing World Cup.

After the jump, you can enjoy ten predictions of things [...]

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The Big Question

Who will win the big Spurs vs Man City clash?

Clash of the Titans… in a way

Redknapp and Mancini 

Finally, the boring waiting room interlude between the end of the World Cup and the beginning of the new Premier League season is over. Well done – you made it.

Now to the important business of actual football matches. [...]

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