Sing song

Greatest football chants of the season REVEALED

Not your typical football fans, no

Spanish football fans

Football fans love a good chant, and this season has heard plenty of them.

The gentleman’s weekly, Zoo, has published a list of their 49 favourites, which you can find here. Plus, The Spoiler’s pick [...]

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Cross Dressing

Drogba provides tabloids with great punning material

Look, he’s got a bra on!


Visit any tabloid office in the country, and it’ll soon become apparent that the headline is king. Yes, the articles themselves are quite important, but without some startling words in bold to draw the punters in, these things would never get [...]

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Not Miserable

I might not look happy, but I am, insists Berbatov

Berbatov – cheerful


Nothing makes the heart weep more than watching someone attempting to put a brave face on things, when they’re clearly totally miserable. Such as Dimitar Berbatov, who, for the record, is REALLY HAPPY. Totally fine. Couldn’t be happier, actually.

He said this, as reported in [...]

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The Big Question

Spoiler readers, who is your manager of the year?

One of these men perhaps?

Redknapp and Hodgson

It’s been a topsy-turvy season alright, and not a particularly good one for the likes of Ferguson, Wenger and particularly Benitez. In fact, rather few Premier League managers have managed to escape the season unscathed.

That said, one or two [...]

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