Get Fierce!

Get the Salomon Kalou look!

Kalou, second from the right, works it

Kalou Chelsea

As anyone who wore a gentleman’s skirt in the 1990s will attest to, footballers set the trends, then the people just follow them. So far, they’ve given the planet: feathery haircuts, enormous tie knots, tight suit trousers, the Jamie Redknapp [...]

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The Biiiig Question

The curtain is coming down, who is going win the league?

The wait is over… almost

Ferguson and Ancelotti 

After a thrilling campaign, it all comes down to Sunday to see who will win the thing.

The stats will tell you that Man United have scored 12 goals in their last three home meetings with Stoke – Stoke scoring [...]

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Transfer Talk

Arshavin is off to Barcelona, suggests forgotten tabloid

Picture from last week reused for similar-but-different story


It’s so hard to find time for The People. You’ve got your News of the World for important five-times-a-night sex stories, then your Observer/Sunday Times to create the illusion that you might have been educated to degree level. The Mail on Sunday [...]

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The Big Question

Vote for who you would LIKE to win the league

The two candidates

Ferguson and Ancelotti

In an almost exact football recreation of this week’s general election, come next Sunday, all of the glory shall be bestowed on either the ale swillers who like to wear red, or the mojito drinkers who prefer blue. In an ideal world, [...]

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