Bolton chairman suggests getting rid of relegation

Hmm, wonder who that might benefit?

Phil Gartside Bolton Chairman

Bolton chairman and FA board member Phil Gartside has revealed that he wants the Premier League’s format to be changed to a two-tier system featuring two divisions of eighteen teams and has suggested abolishing relegation to the [...]

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Top Flight Newbies

The “best of the promoted teams” XI

Appearing in the Premier League for one season only…

Leon Cort

Only once in Premier League history have all three promoted sides gone straight back down (Barnsley, Bolton and Palace in 1997/98) and for that reason it’s unlikely that West Brom, Stoke and Hull will all make a swift [...]

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The race for the Premier League heats up!

The best sports on the telebox tonight

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It looks as if Bolton and Fulham will be getting some away games at the likes of Norwich and Blackpool next year, but who will be joining the big boys next year? The Championship is to tight it [...]

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