Taking Stock

10 important lessons to take from football sex scandals

Sorry, prostitutes, these johns are now “off limits”

Rooney and Crouch 

It’s enormously important for the moral growth of the nation that everyone reflects on the recent sex scandals – perhaps look long and hard into a nearby mirror and think about what you have gained from these tawdry goings-on?


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Abbey Clancy’s having a baby – it COULD be a boy

A montage!

Abbey Clancy

In what sounds like a very weird dream, The Sun reports that Abbey Clancy went for lunch at Strada with James Brown, before declaring to the whole restaurant that she was expecting a baby boy, the nurse saw its penis and she wants [...]

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Women Scorned

Uh-oh! Danielle Lloyd would chop Peter Crouch’s balls off!

Danielle Lloyd – feminist

Danielle Lloyd

As Peter Crouch will surely learn over the coming weeks and months, you cross the sisterhood at your peril.

It’s been an image-shattering fortnight for Crouchie, who has morphed from being football’s gentle giant, into some kind of horny Nosferatu, forking out for filthy stag night sex with a prozzie, and [...]

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Send in your “Franck Ribery in Prison” pictures

Here’s one entitled “ShawFranck Redemption”

Shawshank Ribery

One of the big stories today is that Franck Ribery might yet be sent down for up to three years for having sex with an underage prostitute – namely Zahia Dehar, who was under the French legal prostitution age of 18 when Ribery paid for [...]

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French Sex Scandal

Ribery’s big transfer could yet be scuppered by jail time

Another football sex scandal, no less!


Oh brilliant, Franck Ribery reportedly had sex with a 17-year-old hooker. 

There’s a general rule concering buying sex from prostitutes in modern society – don’t. Just don’t. Perhaps join an online dating network? Attempt to reinject some romance into your marriage with nice meals, or the [...]

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