Enough Already

Leave Wayne Rooney alone now, hints Sir Alex Ferguson

Wazza – bit sleepy

Wayne Rooney

Kids, there is a big lesson here. Reach for the stars, by all means, but once there, don’t mess it all up by prowling for threesomes when your glamourous wife isn’t looking.

It is always going to end awkwardly. And, according to Wayne Rooney’s boss [...]

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Road to Redemption

Oh great, now Wazza’s got to apologise to Coleen’s parents

“I don’t want to!”

Wayne Rooney

When Wayne Rooney was in the throws of passionate grunting with a couple of cackling hookers, he probably didn’t envisage that a few weeks down the line he’d be staring at the floor mumbling an awkward apology to Coleen’s MUM.

But, as reported [...]

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Good Boys

10 Footballers who wouldn’t visit prostitutes

Kinky picture used to depict story


If you’d asked The Spoiler a month or so ago to name one footballer who definitely wouldn’t reach into his pocket to score some cheap sex with a proz, the name Peter Crouch would have been at the top of the list.

Now [...]

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The Big Question

Hang on, is Wayne Rooney going to get away with it?

Kids, do NOT take note

Wayne and Coleen 

In light of Rooney’s three-in-a-bedders with local Manchester hookers, Peter Crouch’s stag night visit to a continental prostitute seems rather twee – even when he was throwing money around in return for sex, the hooker confessed that he was actually really polite about it.

And yet, [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 347: Kateřina Ujfaluši

A lovely model with lots of complicated accents in her name

We first encountered former Miss Czech Republic Kateřina Ujfaluši last summer, when she featured in some of the most bizarre photos we have ever seen. If you’ve managed to banish the image from your memory, it was she [...]

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