Ronny's Rolls Royce

Ronaldo celebrates decision to stay in England with a new toy

Ingrate Portuguese star buys a Beckham-esque Roller

Cristiano Ronaldo and his Rolls Royce

Cristiano Ronaldo – the man who brought you such comments as “The possibilities of me going to Real Madrid are great,” and “I’ve said a million times that I’d love to play [...]

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Naughty Naughty

Emmanuel Petit loves cocaine parties, swinging

French World Cup winner tells all in new autobiography

Emmanuel Petit

Despite having a haircut that would exclude most men from any kind of social interaction and a name reminiscent of soft focus grot films, Emmanuel Petit really lived it up during his time at Arsenal. In his autobiography [...]

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Ronaldo would like the world to know that he is “completely heterosexual”

Sighting of first not-entirely-straight professional footballer turns out to be false alarm


Memo to famous people – if you must spend time with prostitutes, take a few minutes beforehand to get your story straight in case the police get involved. The Brazilian Ronaldo, you may recall, found himself soaked [...]

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Sexy Time

Ronaldo caught with transvestite prostitutes

Amazingly, it’s the other Ronaldo this time


When it comes to hiring ladies of the night, AC Milan’s Ronaldo has so much to learn from the Portuguese man-o’-sex. When C-Ron has a ‘prostitute binge day’ (known to you and I as a ‘weekday’), he is quick to make sure [...]

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