Brain Teasers!

The Big Spoiler Xmas Quiz

Ha! That’s ridiculous!

Crimbo Quiz 

In between reluctant mouthfuls of revolting sprouts and enormous quantities of sweet sherry, why not kill some time with a BONKERS FUN SPOILER QUIZ! Questions after the jump…

Have a great Christmas all. The Spoiler shall be back on December 29th. 

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Brilliant Timewaster

Play The Spoiler’s Premier League Bobbleheads game!

A useful way to avoid talking to elderly relatives this festive period

Bobbleheads Game

The Premier League in the nineties: a time when Wimbledon could finish in the top six, diving was something only David Ginola would attempt and Swindon had yet to fade into obscurity. It was also [...]

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The Fiendish Friday Quiz

Pit your wits against The Spoiler’s resident Statto

1. Norwich, Gillingham, Bristol City, Wolves, Leicester, Crystal Palace, Stoke, Burnley, Sheffield Utd, Burnley (current). Which journeyman’s career?

2. Who wears the unlucky No.13 shirt for Manchester United?

3. Picture round: Who thinks God Is Great?


4. Complete this chronological sequence: [...]

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The Fiendish Friday Quiz

A new weekly quiz to test your knowledge of the beautiful game

1. Crystal Palace, Preston North End, Portsmouth, Southampton, Stoke City (current). Which player’s career path?

2. Who wears the No.13 shirt for Chelsea?

3. Picture round: who’s this?


4. Which Premier League club’s crest features a building [...]

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Fun & Games

Play this brilliant football team name quiz NOW!

Spot the team names hidden in the collage below

League Team Puzzle

[click image to enlarge]

Cleverly hidden within this picture are the names or nicknames of 42 English league clubs. I’ll get you started with Dancing-Cookies-on-TV Athletic FC. That’s a team name, right?

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