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Who should be in charge of Chelsea at the start of next season?

He couldn’t, could he?


With Roman Abramovich starting to resemble a Gollum-esq character who will not rest until he has captured his precious Champions League title, it looks as though Carlo Ancelotti is out on his arse to reside with all the other ex-Chelsea bosses in Valinor.

But who [...]

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rumour news

Rafa Benitez is going to replace Jose Mourinho again. Maybe

HIM?! AGAIN?! Really!?

mourinhobenitez.jpg Rafa Benitez had a pretty difficult job replacing Jose Mourinho at Inter Milan. The Portuguese had just won Serie A, the Coppa Italia and the Nerazzurri’s first European Cup/Champions League title since 1965. Benitez was also given about €2.87 to spend on new players.

It’s easy [...]

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Massive difference

Rafa Benitez ditches the ‘facts’ for ‘statistics’

Rafa – The Spoiler quite likes you. But please STFU and leave things be! He’s now said:

“At first we were all happy at Inter. But injuries changed everything – the choice of players available and the internal dynamics of the squad.

“I want to show some statistics based on the injuries so I am [...]

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Transfer Talk

Roll up, roll up! Get your cheap Ronaldinhos here!

One appalled Spoiler reader wasn’t keen on the Ashley Cole story below, insisting that The Spoiler should perhaps stick to making hilarious comments about Rafa Benitez in future. Sadly for “Livid from The Internet”, The Spoiler isn’t a fan of taking a pop at easy targets, so shall leave Senor Benitez well alone, and allow [...]

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Boardroom Update

Great news Blackburn, Rafa’s all yours…. perhaps

The word filtering through is that once the full force of the sexy Italian loafer has reached maximum impact on the Benitez behind, he’ll be instantly thrown into meetings at Blackburn, with view to commuting from his nearby luxury cottage to manage the team.

Rovers fans, does this float your onions? Or make you feel [...]

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The Big Question

Liverpool fans: Rafa or Roy?

As in “who would you rather have?”

Rafa and Roy 

After chucking his toys from the pram, Benitez looks set to get an Inter Milan loafer in the backside in the next couple of days, meaning he’ll probably be after work in the new year.

Liverpool fans, would you [...]

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Important Twitter News

Ryan Babel attacks Benitez via the medium of Twitter

Ahhh, great times

Babel and Benitez

Some of you mightn’t have had the pleasure yet, but if you get a chance, you must visit Ryan Babel’s Twitter page. If only for an insight into what kind of messages bored millionaires deem important to preach to their followers.

Recent [...]

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