Kenyon quote: “You don’t want to sack a manager every year”

Chelsea exec looks silly two months after lobbying for continuity

Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon

Over the last few months, Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon has taken every opportunity possible to publicly back Luiz Felipe Scolari.

But anyone thinking Kenyon’s apparent loyalty stemmed from the realisation [...]

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Juventus plan Liverpool raid, Sunderland chase Slaven Bilic

There’s just thirteen days to go before the window is opened

Juventus boss Claudio Ranieri

In the summer everyone was expecting Xabi Alonso to move to Juventus only for coach Claudio Ranieri to eventually decide that he was too slow. The Daily Telegraph today claim that Ranieri [...]

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John Terry compares Liverpool to Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea

England captain hands rivals a rather unflattering compliment

John Terry and Jose Mourinho

When prompted to say something nice about Liverpool ahead of their clash at Stamford Bridge this Sunday, John Terry decided to point out the similarities between the Red’s recent performances and the [...]

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VOTE: Who has impressed you more this season – Chelsea or Liverpool?

Unbeaten table-toppers win again ahead of next week’s collision

Chelsea and Liverpool remain the top two teams in the country after the Blues thumped Middlesbrough 5-0 while the Reds again came from behind to beat Wigan 3-2. So ahead of their clash at Stamford Bridge next Sunday, The Spoiler wants to know which one has [...]

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Tittle Tattle

Transfer Talk: Is Eto’o FLIRTING with Tottenham?


Ahh, Saint George’s Day – the one day of the year when you can go into the office with your tatts out and blood on your knuckles and no one even bats an eyelid. Because if they do, that’s fighting talk, their eyelid is taking the mick, thinking it’s [...]

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