A poll!

So, do you think it was a penalty for Chelsea last night?

A debateable decision?


You may not have noticed, but in the dying minutes of Manchester United’s 1-0 win over Chelsea, there was a pretty big shout for a penalty when Patrice Evra may have fouled contact with Ramires in the box.

Sir Alex Ferguson doesn’t seem too sure [...]

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Transfer News

Pele has a quiet word with Neymar… it doesn’t work

Kids, do as Pele says… or not… your choice


The whisper echoing across the many oceans is that Santos managed to enlist the help of the fourth or fifth greatest footballer ever - Pele - in a bid to stop Neymar from leaving the club and moving to Chelsea.

Only it hasn’t entirely worked.

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Transfer Talk

Arsenal and Man United both fancy the same German…

Ozil – wants out

Mesut Ozil 

When you’re attempting to land a new job, it’s important to talk a big game – but not too big.

Keep it within the realms of actual possibility. You probably can’t type 400 words/minute, the artist formerly know as The Artist Formerly Known [...]

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Transfer Talk

Chelsea, Barcelona, and Bayern all go for a Brazilian

Ramires – lots of thinking to do


Of course, now that we’re living in a nanny state, it’s very much frowned upon to blow a nice cloud of cigarette smoke into your child’s face. Crazy right? Still, thanks to facists like David Cameron and his besuited cohorts, Billie Piper might [...]

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